Flannel Flower

Scale: First image 600mm x 600mm
Panel Size: approx 600mm x 1800mm
Panel made from mill grade aluminium
All tin panels are treated with a non-chromate treatment which prepares the surface for subsequent painting or powder coating
All dimensions are a guide only.



Flannel Flower Story:

This panel was extremely sought after in its day and is still to this day one of the most inquired about panels. The Flannel Flower seemed to be only found in the more prestige homes of its era. Racquel was once told that if we ever found and reproduced this panel that she would be the Queenie of Pressed Metal in Australia.

We are extremely proud to release the Flannel Flower panel for people across the globe to now once again enjoy.

The pattern was reproduced for a large project under taken by David Peeks from Period Details in Hawthorn VIC. David is like us and has a passion for period products. He undertook this huge job of removing all the samples we needed, to reproduce the fine examples for this project. He carefully removed all the panels and cornices by hand. Removing all the old nails gently so not to damage the original panels. Removal of all the old panels was a huge, tiring and dirty job (quite sure he enjoyed it immensely though).

Our deal was that we would reproduce all the panels as a package deal in order to get the Flannel Flower panel.

He then packed them carefully and sent them through to us to undertake the mammoth task to reproducing these panels, cornices and boarders. This took us months of continual work with a lot of late nights and weekends to reproduce all the patterns.

All the new patterns from this project include the Flannel Flower, The Ophir, Alexandria, Infill Panel, Savannah, Ella-May Cornice, Carnival Cornice, Egg Border, Wattle Border and Rosette (with leafs to match each cornice).

Once we completed each project and returned the new reproduced panels to David he installed them himself. In the project he also used panels already in production.

Removing the old sections and then reinstalling the new ones was a challenge that David tackled head on and put in some huge hours and late nights. But it came up wonderfully and his clients were thrilled with the end project.

All in all this challenge was a very satisfying one for all involved.